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  1. GC-Red

    Pokemon lets go pikachu randomised rom

    Use this to decode links
  2. GC-Red

    BO2 zombie modding

    Ok if you want to use a GSC menu be advised they only work for non DLC maps using on any other will cause a script error (fixable) or it will just crash. If you want to play DLC maps with cheats I recommend using a trainer as these don’t cause crashes and work on every map. If your playing...
  3. GC-Red

    MW3 Max rank

    Doing max rank (level 80 prestige 20) free just message me on Xbox (GC Red) with the message GC MW3 so I know you coming from here. Things I don’t give and reasons why: unlock all: It’s buggy with the menus I’ve tried this with where 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t actually work. god classes...
  4. GC-Red

    Chat message

    If you own the game and are interested please comment here
  5. GC-Red

    Notice Black ops 3 liquid divinium tester

    As title says I’m looking for someone who will do this with me if it works you can keep the divinium (999999) of them.
  6. GC-Red

    Chat message

    In need of a Xbox 360 black ops 3 divinium tester :(
  7. GC-Red

    [PC] Black Ops 3 - Bonus mode - Dead Ops Arcade 2

    No sadly that scanner/editor is limited to what it can do.
  8. GC-Red

    [PC] Black Ops 3 - Bonus mode - Dead Ops Arcade 2

    It has to be in hex, set any addresses you find as class or create a class at the address then edit the hex values.
  9. GC-Red

    Chat message

  10. GC-Red

    [PC] Black Ops 3 - Bonus mode - Dead Ops Arcade 2

    If you use the tool linked in the online modding of bo3, you can use it to scan for score/lives/rounds etc
  11. GC-Red

    Chat message

    small update if it is possible for us to cheat call of duty black ops Cold War please note we will not release a how to until after it’s life cycle to prevent method patching
  12. GC-Red

    Chat message

    Welcome to Global Cheats chat.
  13. GC-Red

    Bo3 custom maps continued

    Request filled, next time please post in proper section otherwise itll be removed and ignored.
  14. GC-Red

    There should be a spoiler attached saying download, click that it’ll show the link and just...

    There should be a spoiler attached saying download, click that it’ll show the link and just follow that.
  15. GC-Red

    Streets Of Rage 4

    Unlimited Lives Faster Points Gain
  16. GC-Red

    BO3 Custom Maps without Steam

    Alright thanks for letting us know I’ll try reupload it later Fixed.
  17. GC-Red

    Super Meat Boy 1.2.5

    ok tried this via dbvm and nop’d damage dealing calls and it killed the game like fully so I’m not sure god mode is even doable anymore.
  18. GC-Red

    Streets of rage 4

    This will be for the steam version If you have cracked version please comment below with link to it. Things I’ll be doing: Inf health - super annoying to try to get Inf lives (always have 5 sometimes number show different but it’s still 5) - done Score - done (more points per hit etc) Stars -...
  19. GC-Red

    Banned Console ID 6

    Credits: GC-Red Remember not to repost it so it lasts longer thanks GC-Staff
  20. GC-Red

    Banned Console ID 5

    Two mins