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  1. pǝᴚ

    Working Console ID 3

    @uthonia consider this your first warning lie about a console ID status a second time you will be banned. GC-Staff
  2. pǝᴚ

    Working Console ID 3

    Ah nice work thank you.
  3. pǝᴚ

    Working Console ID 4

    Credits: Gc-Red Don't leak it'll last longer.
  4. pǝᴚ

    Resident Evil 3 Remake

    Simple Cheat table as all this game needs anything else would be too much. Works for both characters inf health inf ammo Can die to instant kill attacks! Dont script the pointers for some reason it makes you unable to interact with doors items etc.
  5. pǝᴚ

    Working Console ID 3

    Aslong as it stays off cc it should last longer, i have my suspicions that disaster is purposely banning public posted cids there as all he cares about is profit from people buying his bogus cids.
  6. pǝᴚ

    Banned Console ID 1

    Unsure maybe bad cid seller after all he was selling for cheap maybe it's the disaster of ebay
  7. pǝᴚ

    Working Console ID 3

    No problem last one was probably bad id I apologise for the problems and delay.
  8. pǝᴚ

    Banned Console ID 2

    Posted fresh this one better work too
  9. pǝᴚ

    Working Console ID 3

  10. pǝᴚ

    Banned Console ID 2

    Man probably bad seller
  11. pǝᴚ

    Banned Console ID 2

    Credits: GC-Red
  12. pǝᴚ

    Banned Console ID 1

    Alright gimme 5 and I'll upload next
  13. pǝᴚ

    Banned Console ID 1

    What does it say?
  14. pǝᴚ

    Doom Eternal

    Vulkan steam version. Health Infinite ammo (Tested shotgun, machine gun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher). Weapon upgrade/praetor/battery points Weapon upgrade mastery easy Doom 64 notes: I found health Armor and ammo but editing does freeze ammo but health is being tricky, you still die...
  15. pǝᴚ

    Banned Console ID 1

    Credits: Gc-Red Remember leak and it gets banned don't come crying to us as next one won't be posted until 19/03 No exceptions. Lasted a week so far good job.
  16. pǝᴚ

    The Last Of Us Debug Menu Eboot

    BCES01584 1.11 place in /dev_hdd0/game/BCES01584/USRDIR/here L3 + Start Dev Menu L3 + Select Quick Menu L3 + Triangle Debug Text L3 + R3 Debug Fly
  17. pǝᴚ

    Uncharted 1 Debug Menu Eboot

    This works on CEX/DEX CFW Game Version: BCES00065 L3 + Select Quick Menu (use this first to unlock other) L3 + Start Dev Menu L2 + R2 Debug Fly
  18. pǝᴚ

    Mod Tools

    I can try for you but I'm unsure whether they work with a pirated copy. Small edit: The mod tools are 23.2GB there's no way I can upload that.
  19. pǝᴚ

    Uncharted 3 Debug Menu

    The Eboot is attached and place it: /dev_hdd0/game/BCES01175/USRDIR/here and replace it Controls: L3 + Start Dev Menu L3 + Select Quick Menu (use this first) L3 + Triangle Debug Text L2 + R2 Debug Fly The menu works in story mode and Multiplayer (Even off host)
  20. pǝᴚ

    Resident Evil Multitool

    All info on the tool including versions of game and update used. EDIT 1: Fixed crash bug with CCAPI & Resident Evil ORC. Download attached below.