General chat and support.
  1. red @ red:
    Shoutbox has been ☢!
  2. Dantify @ Dantify:
    Call of Duty: Black ops 3 Giveaway by RED is still ongoing you can still enter by replying to the giveaway thread.
  3. red @ red:
    New borderlands 3 save for pc is out will not be doing keys again or releasing the pointer
  4. red @ red:
    Edit sorry havent got around to posting the v2 of the cheat table it will be coming likely late november 5 just we been busy doing so many things that i lost track a little thanka for the patience with this
  5. Dantify @ Dantify:
    2 Warframe accounts are now listed in accounts in the market place node! For XBOX and PS4 :)
  6. red @ red:
    Ok as traffic is going on the up ideally we could do with a forum moderator if you think you have what it takes please read this fully and apply with a comment