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Detected Black ops 3 XP/Devinium and camo editing (OUTDATED)

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Black ops 3 received a update 14/1/2020 of 1.1gb for "security fixes" basically they patched out trainers and dev console and mod menus that were being used.

OK im going to show you an easy level XP guide and divinium for the gums (use at own risk if you get banned that's on you not us).

First you need the attached files so grab them.

how they're going to be used:

hthrthrthr.exe is a zombie trainer, open this and launch black ops 3 to which it will say game found, set unlimited health and points to 5000 then click the tick next to it (this is for devinium farming easily).

Now on BO3 click enter to star if havent already then click zombies, now open XP Tool.exe and inject script, go back to BO3 press solo then MOON.

Once loaded and your spawned in immediately crouch and press knife ONCE it should say ON if it does say ON then OFF quickly knife so its ON again, if done right it'll start spamming survive with **XP constantly this is the easy level grind part.

To divinium farm go to pack a punch and start spamming upgrade weapon (RK5 if done the Easter eggs for all maps, if not pause the game and go to trainer give weapon put in 2 for slot one then click give weapon this gives you a gun you can pap over and over), you get roughly 20 divinium per time you do this. It will look like this if done properly:

So what's CrySearch for? This is to edit what camo you have on your weapons from weapon kit option.

Open the exe under the x64 folder then click the little blue box looks like a search box and find Blackops3.exe process and attach to it.

Next on the right side window right click and add address manually this works for every weapon (this is a green address indicating its static so it should work for you and this saves about 10 minutes of searching for it yourself), 7FF742A45600

Incase the above address doesn't work for you here's what to do:

Open Crysearch and attach Blacklops3.exe
Go to zombies, Weapon kits and select a weapon you have most/all Zombie camos unlocked for it will make this a lot easier.
Select Contagious then on crysearch press the magnifying glass and search for 22
when its done go back to camo select and change it to Fear then search for 23 by clicking the blue arrow! Lmao don't forget this doing the magnifying glass again won't help you just take forever(should have about 5 results ish if not just repeat these two steps until you do)
Select the only green address open notepad and jot this down believe me if crysearch crashes you don't want to re do all this.
Now when you have the green address change this value to any of the below for desired camo you have to manually change each gun but the address remains the same.

Click on desired gun so your on attachments etc screen, now on crysearch change the value to:
15 for gold
16 for diamond
17 for dark matter
26-68 are black market camos

Crysearch has a tendency to crash if it does just reopen it and do the above again.

As an example of it being used:

Dark matter is not normally available for the Bowie knife but with this it is possible.


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