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Undetected Black Ops 4 Zombie Cheating


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Youll need the files from the black ops 3 thread.

(But who cares BO4 sucks ass anyway)

What we are cheating:
Health (Resets After Every Round Super annoying)
Specialist Weapon

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How To in easiest terms I can think of:
OK Start a SOLO game then open the files and attach to BlackOps4.exe.​
Start Memory Searcher.​
Set Scan to 4bytes (default) and search for 200 (your health) get hit then search 150.​
One your down to as little addresses as possible right click set as address until one has this exact array C8 00 00 00 C8 00 00 00 Then change type and set int 32 and pout whatever number you want.​
Scan for 500 then get a kill or fix a barrier then scan for the higher value shown in your points repeat as often as needed then create a new class at address. Change type to int32 then put whatever value you want (max is 4mil) if it reverts just continue going through your results until it sticks.
Specialist Weapon:
Ok set scan type to float then fill the meter fully it will make this easier than guessing. When it is search for 100 when its done pull out your special and when its drained a little bit pause the game then change exact value to value has decreased then next scan. Let the specialist fully empty then search for 0, repeat as often as needed then create a class at selected address, change the type to float then input a number like 10000000 (it'll last forever) if it reverts just do same as above set next result change value etc until it sticks.
Name your classes when you have the right ones and the addresses carry over between games but when you quit you'll have to re do this.
Edit 1:
Timescale and Noclip/UFO
Go into theatre mode.
Wait until the game starts, set your scanner to "Float" and search the value 1.
Increase the theatre speed to 2x, then next scan as value 2 and so on, Until you have few results​
Changing one of these will affect the timescale, however going above 60 timescale will disconnect you from the servers.​
As for UFO/Noclip, you're going to be using the theatres free camera etc to get your values, i wont tell you exactly how to do this as i want you to figure it out, but first person value is 1 and third is 3. Have fun​
Contract progress editing - Set scan type to 4bytes and search for current progress (I’ll use wunderbar as example here) then get a kill with a ray gun/freeze gun/blundergat and search for the next value shown in progress, repeat until down to fewest results as possible then set them as current class, change type to int32 and set it to one less than need (for wunderbar it’s 199) then get another kill and it’s complete.​
Camo Editing:
It is Possible to do just making it stick is the hard part for example:
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Weapon camo switching (doesn’t stick so likely found visual only ids)

Is able:
Elixir count (in game only)
Self revives (best done on IX, scan for 2 get the free one scan for 3 and so on)
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