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Destiny 2 Divinity Guide


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How to get Divinity in Destiny 2 in brief
Here's a quick rundown of the steps needed to obtain Divinity:
  • Travel to Lunar Battlegrounds in the Moon Patrol and clear Vex enemies to start the quest
  • Scan Oracles within three Nessus Lost Sectors
  • Kill Vex enemies on the Moon to get Decryption Cores
  • Buy an Empowered Decryption Core by spending 30 Phantasmal Fragments
  • Run the Garden of Salvation Raid and complete the seven puzzles along the way

How to start the Divinity quest in Destiny 2
Though Divinity is the Exotic tied to Garden of Salvation, you need to perform a number of steps outside of the Raid first.
First is picking up the quest, which you'll do on the Moon in Patrol in the Lunar Battlegrounds area.
To get there, you need to head to the south of Sorrow's Harbour, where looking south, you'll come to a red bridge. Head across the bridge and take the path round to emerge at the Lunar Battlegrounds.


As soon as you leave the bridge, take a hard left, and follow the cliff wall to reach a cave.


Inside the cave is a Vex Gate, which will see groups of Vex spawn.


Clear them all until Zeteon, Redemptive Mind boss spawns, who will drop a quest named 'What's This... What's this?', which is the first step in the Divine Fragmentation quest.


Where to find Vex Cores to analyse as part of the Divine Fragmentation quest
With What's This... What's this? collected, you now have to find Oracles within three Lost Sectors in Nessus. They are all hidden away in side rooms that are very easy to miss. When you find one, it must be scanned twice - with a small number of enemies to defeat in-between.
The Vex Core locations are as follows:
Ancient's Haunt: This Lost Sector is essentially a clockwise path leading up in a swirl. About halfway up, you'll encounter some rocks - one larger one on the left, and another out in the middle of the route.

Turn left behind the larger rock into the wall to find a cave with the Oracle.

If you're struggling to find it, start from the beginning and hug the left wall, and you should come to the cave eventually.
The Orrery: This is essentially a long room with sets of steps leading up to the far end chest.

About halfway up, look up and left to see a number of ledges against the wall.

Leap up these ledges and search the wall to find a hidden corridor, leading to a small room with an Oracle inside.


The Conflux: This is large room with several beams of energy running from floor to ceiling. Find the first beam of energy on the right.

Now look just to the right of that to see a series of ledges leading up to an area in the wall, the final step of which is bronze coloured.

Leap up here to find a room with the Oracle and the Vex Core location.


With all three done, you'll unlock the 'Defragmentation' step as part of the wider Divine Fragmentation quest.
How to complete the Defragmentation step as part of the Divine Fragmentation quest
This Defragmentation step involves getting 120 Decryption Cores. To do this, you need to kill Vex on the Moon.

You'll find these in Vex invasions - it's worth doing these if you haven't already to complete Eyes on the Moon and unlock the Vex Offensive activity, of which the Vex inside will also drop Decryption Cores.
Once done, you then need to buy an Empowered Decryption Core. You get this by spending 30 Phantasmal Fragments at the Lectern of Enchantment. Phantasmal Fragments are sourced from killing Nightmares, or buy being purchased from the Lectern of Enchantment directly.
Once that's done, it's time to head to the Garden of Salvation.

How to get Divinity within the Garden of Salvation
Within the Garden of Salvation are seven puzzles you need to complete, all of which revolve around the raid's tether mechanic. You need all six players to string tethers together in various ways between encounters.
To start this, make sure you have completed the above steps (though any player can participate in the puzzles, if you want Divinity, you need to have done these first) and at the start of the raid, run off the cliff and turn around to find a hidden room. There's a node in here which you need to activate.
The seven puzzles are best shown rather than explained, since they involve positioning players in specific patterns. We recommend watching Datto's video on them all - which starts at 3:00 minutes into the video - which shows the puzzle locations as well as their solutions: