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Forum Moderator


Staff member
Ok looking for a forum moderator to help with the site.

Be active on site
Know how a forum works and what the rules are so know what to clean up or leave
Be willing to chat in the shoutbox calmly even with disruptive users
Report all things that are against the rules preferably with a link to the offending post
Clear spam from the forums as example a post for a mod with no info is something that can be deleted

Must NOT:
Argue with staff or members
Ban users without reason
Edit posts that don't need editing
Abuse staff powers ( giving warnings, editing shouts, banning etc for no reason)
Lastly and this is important do not think you're above everyone especially members this will not be tolerated ever.

Match all of the above? Please comment below and we will consider you if more than one user has commented we may discuss having more than one moderator, good luck to all.