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How to Use codes


Staff member
OK read this first before trying game codes otherwise they wont work.

PC files
1. You need Jgecko
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2. Make sure Java is Installed on your PC.

WII U Files
1. grab this
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2. Extract files to E:/wiiu/apps/TCPGecko/place elf here (create directories if needed).

On the Wii U
1. Load homebrew by browser or CFW
2. Load TCPgecko elf and make a note of the ip of your wii u on this page then press X to continue
3. Launch a installed game from home menu (Loadiine is not compatible with JGeckoU).

On the PC
1. Load JGecko.jar and type in Wii U ip or try auto connect
2. Once connected you can add codes or search for them.

After every reboot of the Wii U you need to repeat Steps from On the Wii U section above.