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Tutorial iOS 13.3 Jailbreak


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Only tested on iPhone X 64GB.

First Grab iTunes from the apple website NOT the Microsoft store version as it doesn't work with that for some reason.

Also install iCloud again not the one form Microsoft store and open it.

Go to https://altstore.io/ and install the one required with your PC OS.

Now when iTunes finally opens enable wifi sync with your iPhone then install altstore by clicking the diamond then it should appear on your iPhone after 20 seconds or so.

Now head to https://unc0ver.dev/ and download the ipa to your PC and save it in your iCloud so altstore can find it.

When done you need to go to settings and trust developer (pretty sure everyone knows how to do this by now), when altstore is open go to My Apps then press the + button in top corner then browse and the unc0ver ipa should be there from your iCloud just install it then run it from the springboard and that's it.

You don't need to worry about redoing this every 7 days as altstore will refresh the apps or you can do it manually providing altstore is open on the PC.

Some of my fave tweaks for ios 13:
Carrierizer - Change carrier text
Filza - Install deb files etc
DLGMemor Injected - Cheat engine for iphone
LocalIAPStore13 - Should know what this is
NudeKeys (iOS 12) - Change keyboard colours
PokeGo LS GIF - Make lockscreen a gif, it is customisable
Snowboard - Changes themes
TransparentDock13 - No Ugly Dock at the bottom (can still place apps there)
Shadow 13 - best theme IMO for Snowboard