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Tutorial Mario Kart 8 Wii U version Item Editing


Staff member
Item Editing

Use a memory searcher such as JGecko (or Cemu memory searcher if emulating) So ingame get an item box and search for its value listed below for example say you get a coin (most likely if 1st) you search for F then when its finished get another one and say you get a single green shell youll need to search again for 1 and so on until your down to few results as possible.
I have personally done this on cemu but freezing etc is a little buggy so don't expect a release of a ini with this in any time soon.
  1. Single Banana - 0
  2. Single Green Shell - 1
  3. Single Red Shell - 2
  4. Single Mushroom - 3
  5. Bobomb - 4
  6. Blooper/Squid - 5
  7. Blue Shell - 6
  8. Triple Mushroom - 7
  9. Star - 8
  10. Bullet Bill - 9
  11. Super Horn - 10
  12. Triple Banana - 11
  13. Triple Red Shells - 13
  14. Crazy 8 - 14
  15. Lightning - A
  16. Golden Mushrooms - B
  17. Fire Flower - C
  18. Piranha plant - D
  19. Boomerang - E
  20. Coin - F