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PSN Trophy services Lvl 0-1000


Staff member
Services are done on your account, or on a blank new account prices are below aswell as details

- 10k trophys - 100 platinum trophys £10
- 20k trophys - 300 platinum trophys - £15
- 30k trophys - 500 platinum trophys - £30
- 50k-100k trophys - 1000 platinum trophys - £80

The 50k-100k trophys - 1000 platinum trophys - £80 is so expensive due to having to use a psvita and a ps4 aswell as the PS3, not to mention the length of the recovery can take anywhere between 8hrs-1 day due to the ammount of system restarts and restores in order to sync trophys

Reply to this post if you want to buy bare in mind your trophies arent going to be done instantly because of the above