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Real Wii Softmod guide


Staff member

SD card
Wii 4.3 (letter doesn't matter at this point)

1. Get Wii mac address (Wii > Internet > Console Information)
2. Go here enter wii mac address exactly as it shows on console! cut any wire and enable bundle hackmii installer.
3. Extract the RAR to the Root of SD Card and put it in the Wii.
4. On The Wii go to message centre and find the red envelope with a bomb in it (may have to hunt for it) and open it.
5. Install homebrew channel then press continue (initial scam warning screen hangs for 30 seconds ish its normal)

Install Cios (Custom wii os) to play backups:
1. Get this
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2. Enable pack wad option then go to database > IOS > IOS56 > v5661 & IOS > IOS57 > v5918.
3. Once both are downloaded find the titles folder with 0000000100000038 & 0000000100000039 (NUS download directory by default).
4. Copy the .wad files from both of those folders and place them on the SD card ROOT.
5. Get this
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6. Extract the apps folder to SD Card ROOT merge if needed.
7. On the Wii load homebrew channel and load the Cios installer app, Press A to continue, Change version to v10 beta52, base to 56, Ios Slot 249 and cIOS revision to 65535 then press A to install.
8. Once the above is done go back and use these next settings, d2x version: v10 beta52, cIOS base: 57, cIOS slot: 250, cIOS revision: 65535, Press A and wait until it completes.
9. When done exit cios installer then power down the Wii and grab this and extract it to SD card apps folder
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That's it soft mod done and can run backups from USB stick.