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Rules and Requirements

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Requirements to access and post in this forum.
- Must have the trusted seller role.
- Must have good reputation from other services.
- Must be trusted and vouched by the admins and owners.
- Must have been posting services within other market place forums for quite awhile.
- Must be a member for atleast 5 months with great rep.

- Must comply with the buyers rights, if caught botting vouches or faking reps / and or faking sales your trusted seller role will be removed forever.
- You're only allowed to sell, buy or trade the following. Consoles/Services, PC Components or services, Jailbreaks for either, and or anything associated with this site within reason.
- You're not allowed to sell anything associated with drugs, tobacco, alcahol or anything of that nature, you have been warned.
- You must send out anything a buyer has purchased from you within the time they have asked, if not then the buyer can contact us an we will take action, if the buyer and seller have discussed a delay then thats acceptable.
- If a buyer does a charge back on a purchase contact the admins or owners and we will see what we can do to resolve this, if not then contact a moderator and the information will be passed down.
- Face to Face buying, You're allowed to do so thats your choice. But if anything happens thats non of our business just to clarify that.

These rules and requirements are not meant to scare you away, but to make you aware and to make things fair and safe.

NOTE: If a purchase has been done via bank transfer or paypal as examples, you must contact them we cannot do anything about that.
Disclaimer, We only provide a forum for people to post, we do not take priority and or responsibility for jailbreaks and anything illegal thats not on us but the seller or buyer.
Not open for further replies.