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Using Cheat Engine Properly


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First grab this : Cheat engine 7

Firstly open cheat engine then open a game, once both are open click the monitor icon and attach it to said game.

Scanning for addresses:

Firstly you need to work out what kind of data what you're looking for is, for example money in games is most likely 4byte, so say you have 400 in game you would scan for 400 next you'll go back into your game and spend/earn more then search again for the changed value and continue until you have as few results as possible (this varies game to game).

Double click each address then edit the values one address at a time until you find the one that actually edits the memory (some only alter visually so make sure it changes correctly in game). When you have the correct one delete all the others.

Health likely Float rarely 4byte (If you don't know the value use unknown initial value then wait around 10 mins to be safe then get hurt then scan decreased value and repeat hurt scan until you have a few left)
Ammo likely 4byte
skill points usually 4byte
Timers float/double
speeds float/double

Pointer Scanning:

Now when you have the basic addresses for what you want right click on one and choose "Pointer Scan for this address" now depending on your PC this may take some time or little time at all but yes its mostly needed so you don't have to make a table each time you play or if others want to use it, it will actually work.

Now when its done you'll likely have many pointer paths (make sure to set the data type when its done so you can see the values as they should be). Do this for all your selected addresses (yes it takes time cheating doesn't happen in an hour).

When you have all the pointer scans done with massive amounts close the game and relaunch it (sometimes save and quit to main menu works so worth trying first) now reconnect cheat engine to the game then in the pointer path windows refer to image if you don't know what I mean.
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Now click pointer scanner option, Rescan memory, change to search by value if you know it (useful for money) making sure to set the data type correctly (4byte, float etc etc) Then click ok, this will remove all the bad pointers leaving you with less, add a result to your table by double clicking it, do this for each address from before then click the save icon to save the table (just incase of a CE crash which can happen) once done just redo the previous steps until you have as few pointers as possible and your current pointers work as they should, now you save again and boom you just created a working cheat table give yourself a pat on the back you earned it.

Creating Scripts:

OK if you feel like being Fancy with your currently made table and feel like taking it further you can make use of scripts now I never advise doing health as a script this usually makes enemies etc god mode too unless you dissect all the data etc etc so for this tutorial I'm going to skip over that.

Now only do this if you have done the above (pointer scans etc) making scripts on addresses that aren't pointer first will likely not work a second time.

First step save your table and close CE, next reopen CE and click edit, settings. Go to debugger options and change the following:
Page exceptions
Use VEH Debugger (never use windows its terrible and will likely crash your game) Then click OK

Now reconnect CE to your game and when your skill point pointer has the right value right click it and choose find out what writes to this address then use a skill point. Go back to cheat engine and it will likely have a line of text with a number. Likely say Dec now click on it then show in diassembler then on the highlighted part press ctrl alt A then ctrl ALT T on this window click template then AOB Injection it should look like this when done properly
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Now all we want to concentrate on is code: part, to make it increase on use which is my preferred way of doing this is simply change the Dec to Inc. Also change the author from your pc name that will show and "This script does blah blah blah" to what it actually does, When done click File, Assign to current cheat table, rename the script to what it does then enable it, if the game doesn't crash its a good sign now go spend a skill point if everything is done correctly your points will increase on use rather than decrease.

mov [rdi+6C],esi for example, remove esi and replace with (float)999999 will make the value increase by 999999

add can be used with inc OPCODE for example, inc [rsi+00003EAC] paired with add [rsi+00003EAC],FFFFF will increase the value by far more than just one.

MOVSS: movss [rbx+28],xmm6 for example needs to be changed in such a way that the value is multiplied by another so you could change the original code to something like this:
mulss xmm6,[something]
movss [rbx+28],xmm6
jmp return
dd (float)2
This makes the value be multiplied by 2 on each use like ammo instead of it decreasing, your current amount gets multiplied by 2 each time you shoot.

There are other OPCODES but these are the most likely, I hope this tutorial was easy enough to follow, I have tried to make it as noob friendly as possible.

I look forward to seeing what you create happy cheating!
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